Jorge Diz Pico

Hey! My name is Jorge (or Xurxo). I live in Barcelona (Spain) and work on linguistics with a side of tech, but that's not all there's to know about me.


I was born in Coruña (Galiza, Spain), and have lived in Vigo, Madrid, Göteborg and now Barcelona. I like design. I like comics. Boardgames. Cardgames. Videogames. And drinking milk with honey.

Professional profile

I have an engineering degree and a MSc in Computer Science, and I'm currently pursuing a MA in Linguistics. In the past I've worked as a consultant for several corporations, mainly as Erlang software developer; and held intern research positions at several universities.

My writing

I like writing. So far you may have come across my work at:

  • terrae magazine. Besides being chief editor, I often contribute articles on pop culture and linguistics. New issues every calendar season!
  • The Blind Mouse. On etymology, updated every blue moon.
  • Talk Like a Spaniard. Teaching Spanish slang to foreigners (on temporal hiatus).
  • Tanaka Music. A music blog, now defunct, which I helped found and push through its first year under the moniker Mechanix.
  • Proxecto Morcego. Not technically writing, but if you're curious about how to say bat in different languages, check here.

Events I was involved with

Here are some events that I took part in:

  • At Valenguando 2015 I gave a workshop called Magic: the Translating analyzing the pitfalls of translating a trading card game. Check the slides.
  • I am one of the organizers of the monthly Lengua&Té Barcelona informal meetings for all people working or passionate about languages.
  • In 2008 and 2009, I was head organizer for the Jornadas de Anime at FIC, a 3-day event dedicated to Japanese culture.

Cool code

Now for some neat things I've coded (though for an exhautive list, check Github):